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Traditionally tied with elegant feathers, modern day streamers have departed from ornate design to evolve into larger, articulated concepts. Actively seeking out the biggest, most aggressive fish, the streamer darts and skitters through the current.
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Metal badge mounted on .80" leather cuff. Accented with leather and rivets on both sides of the badge. Fastened with 'just right' adjustable sizing closure to size down to 6" or up to 8" wrist. Extenders available for larger wrist sizes.


Sight Line Provisions and its founder, Edgar Diaz, are inspired by the state of mind that all outdoor lovers achieve when in their element. What is in your "Sight Line" is personal and draws you to the outdoors, whether on the water or in the field, to enjoy those special moments of peace.  Edgar's designs are symbolic of a shared passion for nature and wildlife and "those unexpected moments in the wild that speak directly to our soul." ---SLP



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