July 17, 2020 Bitterroot River Update

The Bitterroot river is fishing well and living up to its reputation as one of the best dry fly rivers in Montana. The flows are higher than we usually see but dropping every day and the river is in great shape as are the fish. Temperatures are perfect for Stone Flies in the afternoon, and when we get clouds it only improves. The fish have largely moved into their summer lies so pound the banks, the structure, under logs and in deep runs near trees in the water. Getting your drift right is important and work hard to get that first cast/best cast into the spot!  Flies we like right now are stone fly's in 10 and 12 and brindle chutes in size 10 and 12, Purple Haze and PMD cripples are also taking fish. For slow windows in the day drop a Jig style pheasant tail nymph in 14 or 12 and fish the shelves and seams.

Wading is still tenuous in the main stem but is improving daily, and if you are floating watch carefully as these flows are dropping and presenting more obstacles daily. Stay safe, stay courteous to others on our busy river and have a great time

For live river reports and updated weather conditions please visit our "Resources" page for a direct link OR call the shop to speak with our knowledgable staff at (406) 493-1502.


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