August 7, 2020 Bitterroot River Update

Cooler weather is here and a welcome relief from the very warm temperatures in the afternoon. While "Hoot Owl" measures are in place in some regional rivers, we have not seen it here in the bitterroot though our afternoon temps are dangerously high for the fish. Fish early, keep em wet and get off early has been our mantra for the last couple of weeks.

Early mornings we have seen and fished several small mayfly patterns like the purple haze, rusty spinners and PT soft hackles but as we get to about 10:00 AM it has been all about the Terrestrials.  Hoppers, ants and beetles all produce. It is a bank fishing game and the more you can get the natural plop and poor swim technique near the structure the better your results. Always give a little twitch before picking up when you can as at times that triggers the take. Stay safe if floating or wading, there are numerous obstacles in the river, and we are hearing of people dumping rafts and other “floaty” things almost daily.

Please feel free to stop into the shop at any time as we are open 7 days a week 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM. You can always call us at (406) 493 1502 or email

Tight Lines

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